Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Stupid Traveller

I heard today on the TV something that freezed my blood, just for a second; then my blood exploded.

An happy guy was supposed to show people how wonderful and life changing is to travel, how amazingly exciting is to sit on a plane (from Paris to Normandy, hey, what's wrong with the train?) amazed (again) by the though that only two days before he was on the Easter Island, a week before somewhere in S. E. Asia.

He said: this is great, you can have a break from your life without breaking your life.

Well, he thought he said something wise but I hardly ever heard something more stupid than that. I don't see how you don't wish to break a life from which you feel to escape from. And I don't see how can you so cinically subract yourself from the revolutianary power of experiences. As nature, travel destinations have revolutions for every visitors. As nature, are places outside western society. What I think, is that if you don't break your life after having visited three continents in a month, it just mean one thing: you have not been listening. You've experienced a lot; but you subracted yourself from the very point, from the revolutionary relational field which comes from living and that makes places different. As all tourists, you subtracted yourself from an engagement with the place, with this alive relational field made of lives of the past, present and the future. You have spent an awful lot of money, harassed the climate and whatever else for experiencing so that you can go back happily to a life that is exhausting you but that you don't want to break? What about go fishing next time? And you say that in tele, as is something everyone should do. And just the image of an army of dulls invading the "globe" (this is not a globe!!!!), unable and unwilling to challenge them self and to listen, but experiencing a lot, this image terrifyis me. And this experience is evrything, just everything, from canoing to sky diving to learn to use that massive professional camera, everything but actual making a living, engage in living relationship, life situations in that place, which is WHAT would make your experience different in a place rather than another. Don't be proud of telling me you've been to Machu Pichu for the week end.

I'll just think you feel cool for living on the surface of things, which you don't want to break; you've might become unable to deal with what you're made for: what's underneath. Piu' la vedi liscia questa palla, piu' ne scivolerai via senza lasciarne traccia. Goddamn, you'll teast the death. And among other substances, your polluting this planet with stupidity.

Though this post is not the brightest of the universe, I'll find a better synthesis for what I was meant to say.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'll tell you one day

I'll tell you one day about the intersection between Ingold, Negri, Kassim, the Gnostic tradition, an horse, a panda, the UN, pedogenesis, love, a palm called chonta, T. E. Lawrence, Genet, Tupac Amaru, the Kebra Negast, four moths in the jungle and a bicycle in San Lorenzo... logomakonto is all I'm able to say now

Saturday, January 27, 2007


The explaination of a mistery wont get you near to its understanding. There's nothing in it which is not metaphore of what you've already lived and seek to explain to yourslef. So don't insist in looking for explanations: if you don't see, there's no point in looking still. Why would you entertain yourself with the story and glory of empty metaphors? They'll just sing a song of donkeys and how donkey and proud you'll be to learn it.

Forget and live, instead. Nothing can be understood without life in the memory. As a further point, you'll find equations in the bus rather than the desk; and you'll get on a chair to grab the banana as soon as you stop jumping like mad, oh little chimpy. It's a world of gorillas with donkey voices; I bet you want to be wise.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Or put it this way

Everyone thought was good to write a gospel; so didn't the guy they were writing about.

May they

To "think globally, act locally" is the slogan of a smart power; of the dull priest; of the sad scientist. Of all the people but not the wise ones. May they find wisdom in their collapsing order.

Cause the "globe" will forever be a place of discovery and crashing implementation. Yet an act of conquest gives birth to revolution. Ethos will grow old and ridiculous, action after action, so will the power and the book of science and one of god. Belivers of any kind should stop beliving and begin listening. Or they'll be laughed after by birds and children.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ears to hear

I use to make a dream very often. To swim in the sky, sucked by the surface of it, as when you struggle to swim underwater. I never fell down at the end, but went higher and higher against my will.

The world isn't a map. It is skin to wear. So the Logos it is no word or painting, no sound and sinphony. But existence.

That's what I think. And the more I say it, the more I lose it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Whenever you don't get a thing, mind the following option:

"Full understanding, in short, is attained not through translation but through metamorphosis." Tim Ingold.

I personally agree. Logomakonto, amen.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"The Power of Nightmares" series

this is a bbc documentary series about the politic of fear. It calls on the stage as protagonists of recent history two groups of people: ameriacan neocons and islamic jihadists.

It made me reflect that in politics is not important the image you have of the society but rather the processes that animates it. I belive that any vision you might have is only a glimpse of understanding which cannot subtract itself from the process of learning. Yet to move is all you can do, awaiting the smashing negation of your beliefs. Or maturate the sense of a bigger picture in which you're just an actor among others, enfolding the self transformations of the world in which your beliefs are imprisoned. Good vision and logomakonto.

power of nightmares Part 1

power of nightmares Part 2

power of mightmares Part 3

Monday, January 1, 2007

First of the year is an opinion

and the year as well. Last year i celebrated the celtic one here in scotland, marching in a spiral of fire around november/december, after which i made myself a moho, to less fear the world.

This year i did it in Ethiopia, dancing and clapping hands around a fire among people much bigger than me. for them the first of the year is the 11th Sept according to the coptic/egyptian/julian calendar they have. to the same calendar, the fiscal year begins the 7th Jluly.

Hey, rings a bell... is it maybe that someone is just putting fireworks around?! I wish him good 6007.

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