Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Easier than one could possibly bear

There are moments in which everything is collapse. All around. All you can do is put the pieces together, tidy your room. If you just were feeling like. If not, just look around the landscape. Take some shot, and trow them into the mess. And probably all is fine, but your thoughts just can't travel there. But it seems, nowhere else. They just flow hidden and without structure. Life is easy, easy, easy. Easier than one could possibly bear. Sometimes, not pleasant ones.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Milky milky

Look up at the sky for your livelihood and you'll be enslaved, man, no doubts. You see, there's no difference in what me or a Yanomano or a Borana or G. W. Bush do for living, there's just not. We're just milking different cows.
There's a degree instead, to which people is free, and G. W. Bush is not. The upper you go, the less you'll be man, the more you'll be cow.
You need the herd and the herd needs you. You move the herd and you follow it, to graze, and graze, and graze. Prophets and shepards would avoid everything but grazing. Therefore my prophet wont be a shepard.
He would say:"hey man, stop milking your society and complain you're getting milked back. What's the point? My father then, can't be bother to create another planet for you to graze, can't you see?"
And the man would say:"I'm sorry, Saviour, but what else can I do?".
And the Saviour would laugh and say:"And you call yourself a man? brother, you have become a cow and dull shepard at the same time, my father is quite ashamed actually. I see now he is right. What can you do?"
And the man:"?"
And the Saviour:"Well don't ask me for my father sake! What did we gave you the brain for? And the heart and feelings and imagination and all the rest? Fucking live, jesus, you're so dull... let yourself live man, you'll see it will come. Look around, listen, feel, answers are all around you. That's what you should do to change: live, because what you're doing is not quite it."
And upset, he would go away.
At this point the man would think:"Holy Mary that's a son of a bitch!"
But Holy Mary and the Saviour know that anger is a good start for life changing. Plus, they're plenty of problems too.

And by the way it's freezing here, fucking north

If the world was turning the other way round, I'll probably be the oposite of what I am. I guess I am one of those.

By the way, if you've never listened to sizzla you should; you know, the album black woman and child is somehow.... sweet and warm. Which is a nice combination, I think, remember and dream.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

You must, I guess

I guess you must to be up to the greatest things you can.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Ecosystem(S)

Well yes, it is a bit more complex than savanna and that's it. A multi-environmental evoulution would explain the complexity of our deep memories. It makes sense to me. You experience so many contrasting differences in yourself, as the title of the blog says, existence is a battle between contresting logoi, all characterized by equal intensity and truth. If we assume that the pool of behavioural tendencies have evolved to cope with different conditions through our history, hence the capacity of controlling them, elaborate them in something new to cope with new conditions sounds as a good definition of what we do in life. To me at least.

I enjoied reding this: Potts R.(1998)Environmental hypotheses of Hominin evolution. Yarbook of Physical Anthropology 41:93-136

Provided you have acces you can download it from here:

If you don't have access just give a shout, I'll see what I can do for you.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mountains and identity

There's plenty of mountains, asking to be identified. Once you have done that, they'll even talk to you, in your solitude. And you'll say they wrote those tables of stone. You'll even forget then, if it was you forging the chains. Others wont, others will never.

Spirits and identity

There's plenty of spirits, calling for your identity; some of which are decomposers.

Just remember that the paml will be broken by life, and never walks fast enough. Ethernity, I guess is brotherhood. But there's no wisdom outside the remembering of lust. Let the sun make what it does; and you'll shine of everything.

Memory of something you'll find out yourself

Honestly, I could feel the past, and recognize places never seens before. The temperature, humidity and intensity of light. The sound of the landscape, it was memory upon which I'm built. It called and called, and made me see. Running fast, through the ancestral legacy, I saw the herds of the fathers, remembered the shadows of the trees on their faces. And the smell of dust, and the grains of soil, and the thirst of blood, and the beauty of the bodies. You can feel it, you do can; there's an image deep in the mind, deep in the flesh, there's a memory of land, there's a memory of life. Not forgotten, not yet, still there. Still there, and there only, the search settles, and one instict after another come and ask for satisfaction. Images flash in your mind, awaken; you feel inside the bodies and the minds. You just remember and see, yes you do see, you do feel, you do remember. You're clashed between the landscape and your expanding memory.
There is a sense, for the emptiness of scope. Is that you forgot that you still remember.

A clash

You don't need a clash to realize that you're wrong, but you often need a clash in order to admit it. Since most of use realized, a clash is maybe what we need. As long as we allow hypocrisy, we're working for the clash to come. It's a challenge without scope, in which we all participate. As without scope it is, plane as a glass of water, as a mind without thoughts. Don't pretend it is fine if you know it is not.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Give us a threat

Homids' trend to sociality were increased by interspecific competition with large savanna predators.

I guess the principle still works pretty well.

Between August 2002 and April 2004, 35 humans were killed and eaten in Tanzania by a single lion; they called him "Ossama".

Give us a threat, we'll be together.

Us and them

We are what we are because they have been what they were and they are what they are because we've been as we've been; we'll be what we'll be because they are what they are and they'll be what they'll be because we are what we are. As simple as this. I am, because of lions.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The togetherness of many disciplines does not generate hybrids; to separate them, does amputate knowledge. A discipline alone, is a monster.

Monday, February 19, 2007

It does creep

Sizzla singing, disk of light on the ground, running to the cerimony, me and my sister, to the hills of lions, and stones, out of the traffic; it all make sense, enslaving master, your eyes are filling the sky and i fill them with compasion that'll never dry; understanding creeps in the darkness, of dreams, awake in the jungle spirits without face protecting their territories with screams, chaikosvki, down the steps, makes me forget; i found a seed of annihilation in my pockets, it grows lianas to the sky, umbarable cold.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stick and carrot

As long as you'll keep a carrot in front of you, you'll make a donkey of yourself. That's what to make projects is all about: to be a donkey and to move.
Don't do it for life.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Full moon

If living is an engagement within a field of meaningful relationship, then there is no less living in dreams. The attribution of morereality to the awaken life is not a matter of fact, but a matter of beliefs and views of the world. We should not even claim that, after all, you need to eat in order to dream, not knowing much about the condition before and after being embedded in a living body.

Being dreams and awaken life made of the same experiencial material, they confound together; memories become dreams, but also dreams become memories. Dreams get interpreted, but they're experiences themself, which, as awaken ones, will determine our intentionality in the world. There is no rest in life. Think about your dreams in this way, if you want to understand yourself, don't ask to psychomants to interpret it for you. You definetely can encounter something or someone in a dream before than in the aweken life.

I awoke one night; a naked old woman, covered with tatoo, knitting my soul. I think about her when the moon is full.

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