Friday, February 2, 2007

Full moon

If living is an engagement within a field of meaningful relationship, then there is no less living in dreams. The attribution of morereality to the awaken life is not a matter of fact, but a matter of beliefs and views of the world. We should not even claim that, after all, you need to eat in order to dream, not knowing much about the condition before and after being embedded in a living body.

Being dreams and awaken life made of the same experiencial material, they confound together; memories become dreams, but also dreams become memories. Dreams get interpreted, but they're experiences themself, which, as awaken ones, will determine our intentionality in the world. There is no rest in life. Think about your dreams in this way, if you want to understand yourself, don't ask to psychomants to interpret it for you. You definetely can encounter something or someone in a dream before than in the aweken life.

I awoke one night; a naked old woman, covered with tatoo, knitting my soul. I think about her when the moon is full.


Anonymous said...

ciao sono un'amica di Paolo.Mi ha fatto scoprire il tuo blog..Paolo mi diceva che c'erano delle mo 'ndo stanno???
bella lì
ciao Emma.

Yannez said...

le foto sono state (in gran parte) tolte perche' se qualcuno ricollega questo sito di delirio a me (tipo il mio boss), potrei avere problemi. comunque stanno su un picasa web album, magari faccio un accesso con login, faro' sapere a paolo. magari ci si vede ad aprile quando scendo, yannez.

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