Sunday, February 25, 2007

Milky milky

Look up at the sky for your livelihood and you'll be enslaved, man, no doubts. You see, there's no difference in what me or a Yanomano or a Borana or G. W. Bush do for living, there's just not. We're just milking different cows.
There's a degree instead, to which people is free, and G. W. Bush is not. The upper you go, the less you'll be man, the more you'll be cow.
You need the herd and the herd needs you. You move the herd and you follow it, to graze, and graze, and graze. Prophets and shepards would avoid everything but grazing. Therefore my prophet wont be a shepard.
He would say:"hey man, stop milking your society and complain you're getting milked back. What's the point? My father then, can't be bother to create another planet for you to graze, can't you see?"
And the man would say:"I'm sorry, Saviour, but what else can I do?".
And the Saviour would laugh and say:"And you call yourself a man? brother, you have become a cow and dull shepard at the same time, my father is quite ashamed actually. I see now he is right. What can you do?"
And the man:"?"
And the Saviour:"Well don't ask me for my father sake! What did we gave you the brain for? And the heart and feelings and imagination and all the rest? Fucking live, jesus, you're so dull... let yourself live man, you'll see it will come. Look around, listen, feel, answers are all around you. That's what you should do to change: live, because what you're doing is not quite it."
And upset, he would go away.
At this point the man would think:"Holy Mary that's a son of a bitch!"
But Holy Mary and the Saviour know that anger is a good start for life changing. Plus, they're plenty of problems too.


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