Tuesday, January 2, 2007

"The Power of Nightmares" series

this is a bbc documentary series about the politic of fear. It calls on the stage as protagonists of recent history two groups of people: ameriacan neocons and islamic jihadists.

It made me reflect that in politics is not important the image you have of the society but rather the processes that animates it. I belive that any vision you might have is only a glimpse of understanding which cannot subtract itself from the process of learning. Yet to move is all you can do, awaiting the smashing negation of your beliefs. Or maturate the sense of a bigger picture in which you're just an actor among others, enfolding the self transformations of the world in which your beliefs are imprisoned. Good vision and logomakonto.

power of nightmares Part 1

power of nightmares Part 2

power of mightmares Part 3


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