Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bringing back science to alchemy

(that's a principal component analysis on my data.)

revelations imprison, a second after
mistaking the kind of knowledge they belongs to.

There are many kind of knowledge. Better to confuse them in only one name than trying to name each differently.

No matter what, we'll be excomunicated by the future. Even if the future also, will try cach up the truth. So, where was the mistake of the alchemist?

Was maybe that mistake that turns light into darkness, as gold back to lead, still keeping the brightness so you don't realize; don't put the truth up in the sky, it gets cold as a dead star. Don't put yourself up there.

Maybe, is the hidden side of your knowledge, the one your never look in the face, the one that will make you wise. The health you gain climbing up the mountain. Smash the tables on the rock before you get down. There's no good fascism on earth. Logomakonto, amen.


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