Tuesday, December 5, 2006

cows are creazy for salvia

if the one of the logos is an (insane) religion, no surprise its representations can shine of an artistic light; and senses seem as always to understand faster and better than the mind does; they hit your brain with the wonder of a meaning they don't reveal, and which escapes the more you explain it. understanding itself is an unesplicable sensation, a transitory harmony in a landscape of concepts seeking for a relationship one to another; that's a picture of it: what you see here is an actual plot of my vegetation data in the **** forest; aestetically it seems to make sense, all those numbers getting together meaningfully. useless to say that if i could get from it that scientific information i was seeking i would not consider it art but just a graph. oh, yes, art always wispers a secret language... but hey i love her lips on my hear.

of course, cows are crazy for salvia, that's explaining some patterns i see... (by the way, someone told me that s. divinorum is worth trying, use a pipe)


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