Friday, March 16, 2007


Apologize for all the bullshit I'm posting recently. I just need to get away from this place ASAP. The wind blow and blows and blows as a drunk man pushing you without noticing. Guys in purple sportsware bring on bicycles faces rotten by alcohol and heroin and shout a language they don't even understand. seagulls roam in the sky just waiting the moment they can steal your sandwich. mums and pas and teens spending a fortune in low quality fornitures, gadgeting, clothes. and that's a great deal of life. no one to look at and dream in the pubs, just the same old friends by chance, doing the same old things, saying the same all things. the cold made us all pale and scary looking so that's sad to see us smile, our suffering skin on the chicks under eyes wet of beer and unconfortable sleeping. the world is so far away that cannot challenge those little rules of living, so that remain tremendously important even without a minor shadow of sense. this is the reign of ugliness, this is the anti-reality, this is the anthithesis of life as i know it and how i like it; sorry, it's just is. tell you the truth, this place has made me suffer and i'll rise the middle finger heading south, finally, wont miss anything or anyone; no friends, no places, no time, nothing. out of my life for good, that's the best thing they can do.

just a little more time... just a little more... i'll get out of this organized stupidity.


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