Monday, March 19, 2007

The tiranny of global bullshit

All right, so now don't say I'm from the dark age when I say that global knowledge is no less than a illusion or a trick. Anything global is just like the war on terror, same mechanism with the trick of science. Scientists say that, so we better do this. Sorry, we must. Truth is, scientists say many things and politicians pick up what they can instrumentally use. Right wing, left wing, professionals, squat agitators, doesn't matter. Can't say anything against Science, can you? Easy, the "politics of absolute truth". Nice one.

Take climate change. That's a big thing, isn't it? Now tell me who had the courage to go and read the IPCC report. I tried. Confusing ah? Yes. I felt I had to do something about it. But when I had to explain people why, could not find the words. It just was it, there is this agreement that CO2 emission are rising temperatures. After all, the agreement is itself the base of the ethical commitment in doing something about it.

But I still think it's a good exercise to at least try to see things logically, at the level of clarity and quality our intelligence, as a species, is capable of. After all we're talking about "Our Common Future", as they said in '87. Personally, it is clear that someone is trying to get me paranoid, irrational and psychotic. Honestly, I don't have time and knowledge to find out myself what's happening to the climate. I just have to relie to what they say; the more I must relie, the more gravity has the dishonesty of the one whose role is to explain. I can't forgive that, for the following. I'm pissed off, and we all should be.

As many I whatched the documentary on the BBC "The Great Climate Swindle". Let me say that documentaries are probably the less indicated sources of truth or clarifications, but they make you think fine. Since I have acces to journals, I made some research on peer reviewed papers and learned some stuff more, whihc of course partially contraddicted the program, but I didn't expect it to say the truth, as for the other one by Al Gore.

But, for fuck sake, CLIMATE IS DEPENDENT ON SOLAR ACTIVITY, as this graph shows.

This is a scientific finding, there is agreement, I can understand how the study was done and what it wanted to say; it's fine, it's evidence, nothing to say about that. Now: why no one talks about it and say a different story? What's the problem? What are they scared of? Relax, as you can see on the graphs there's something dodgy going on after the '80s, so don't panic, you might still be right, mr Blair/IPCC.

The thing I can't stand is how Mr. Blair is applying to climate change the same psychic engeneering so successful in preparing the war in Iraq. That's dangerous, but HE IS RIGHT. He found a good method of manipulation; it just works, nothing to say. Why? Beacuse we're probably just an herd of sheeps, shyning in the darkness of this age. Much more black ones, they might have to turn on the lights.

Now, have a look at the doc:

If you have access to journals see these:

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If you don't let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.


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