Sunday, April 22, 2007


i noticed that approachig the 30s you become much more uneasy and egocentric, you could talk about yourself for ages, until they stop you, until they get nauseated and pissed off, but you would still continue and in fact you do. things get messed up in your mind, and you feel always desperate for a recap, for making a point of your experiences, to share them, talk about you for ever. you can even set up a blog... and start talking to nobody without worrying being understood, but still it's something.

there's something magic when then young girls are happy to listen to you, to your stories and to what you think; to feel grateful for that is the only thing that can make you decide to stop it and ask questions about OTHER people, and despite the fact you're not genuinely interested but just grateful, eventually you manage to get out of yourself and listen and get facinated by other people lives, minds, emotions, experiences. and that yes, it's not a big deal to be yourslef, you're just a sick egocentric but those shiny eyes listening are a sweet medicine.


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