Saturday, April 7, 2007

Might not make sense to you

It really seems I'm at the edge of the good track again. Just about to step in. Not that it is clear, not at all. Just tasting forgotten flavours of life again. Because you don't really change that much, you just forget a lot. So, the sun is making me good and I lost few years on the mirror. Unbelivable how different is life only changing latitude. Mediterranean is my home, where my bones and mind were formed. And spring is the best season.

On the other side, I remember, I forget, I realize, I change. And will be hard to go back north and finish the job. I feel at the estuary with my little boat, can't imagine how the currents work in the ocean but I'll figure it out. In my mind, surprisingly, there are no plans, no commitments, not even beliefs really. Time for wisdom is to be delaied, you wear the hat when you get bold and I'm still fine.

There are lot of creatures sucking my soul, that's how society works and I've never been good in asking my share of energy. That's probably why I need the sun to recharge. Sun and those spots in the darkness where the skin is soft and you can graze dreams and flowers, loose yourself and find another. I'll do that for life.

So this grazing thing is something I like, especially when the grass is shivering under your lips, and has those hairs where I still walk alone and lost, young and skinny, where dreams went so many times that is ridiculous. There are certain people that show you the track of your life, there is one who does it for the first time; all of us is for someone. If you meet one again, is there any reason for which you shouldn't make love? Someone says, special people is for a special place in the heart and in the mind.

So consider yourself in that special place, with rubber walls; the world 'love' screams in your hears from the voice of a child. Please get me out. So I tried to rescue myself, unlock the door on the neck with the mouth. As you can read, it all turned out in non sense. You can sleep not and get rested whenever you manage to dream. I'm trapped in the mind of many people, they ask, and ask and ask. No one gets I eat things alive and uncooked at the moment. It will come a new way for life, but life will always be that taste, because that's what I'm up to if I don't have to die.

Hey, there are certain people which show you the taste of life for the first time. If you're an unlucky one, they'll go away before you've learned.

There is this love, yes there is this love, with an hundred eyes and mouths and skins, twisting and dancing and dancing. And that is it.


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