Sunday, April 15, 2007

Logic makes no sense

egil use to break skulls of friends in his childhood, and other innocent games, but that was his past life, by the way, now he plays tom waits down the harbour, just next to hell, and yes, hydrogen peroxide made good to his hair. wanadoo wears rubber underwear but not tonight, his wife has a rubber dress but she lost weight and can't wear it anymore, and by the way, wanadoo bought his rubber underwear in a seond hand shop. i won a chocolate bar for the best line of a collective poem, line was "give yourself a hand", you know what i mean, it keeps you out of troubles, like budism but not that extreme. peter says he's going to bring me tomorrow down the heavenly underworld of sticky oily richy people, who got their corporate heavens which i'm so courious about; places on union street with no doors for the public, only a phone call and your name on the list can get you in, and peter says there's heaven and hell inside. he said i'll have to be casual, hope he'll remember and he'll bring me, if not, what i've been here for all this time? life is calling me, is hooking me from the clouds, sucking me away. to wake up feels like dying to me, i have this horrible feeling every morning, dreams got more real than my life, sleeping i know all that is wrong and how things should be, but i forget as soon as i open my eyes. ignorance is a key factor in living, it keeps you going, to be responsible of what you've learned would put you in serious troubles. that's why we forget dreams, and we live in the oblivion of them. we live in the oblivion, we can't bear our own conclusions about all that's around us and about us being here, doing what we wouldn't do, giving sense to things that haven't, unable to pay the price for ribellion, imploring for slavery every morning, running after slavery and oblivion, while silence already got all our thoughts. honestly i say, is what you feel that gives a sense to any logic, so that to be part of a logic without feelings it just doesen't make sense, and you can realize it yourself. it seems to me at times we're building a chatedral for no gods, for no reason, so why. got to find a less meaningless livelihood, got to.


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