Monday, April 23, 2007

Machine of Mass Destruction

could not produce an holy fuck... after spending a couple of hours on the net, and even tried the rich experience of chatting with myself, i then picked up the phone with boredom and a point of desperation. when it's like that my voice is just painful to spit out, it just makes me sick, as vomiting the juice of cosmic laziness i have inside.

anyway, my young bro, little wise boy, just suggested i don't have to think of me as a man. no. he just said: "yannez, you're not a man. no. you're a MACHINE OF MASS DESTRUCTION."

i didn't let the magic of the moment fly away and i wrote this innocent sentence on my arm with a marker pen. so here me again on the computer, getting this fucking report out of the fucking way, NO EMOTIONS, NO THOUGTHS.

1 Comment:

TheHours said...

it's unbelivable! an "italian" blog written in enghish! that's really cool! : )
with compliments!

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