Friday, April 13, 2007


You want development, you want machinery, you want jobs, you want tidy streets, you want control. So you end up paying £1.30 for an espresso served in a proper bar but flowing from a coin machine in to a plyester cup, and hope the CCTV got the disappointment and the flash of depression. But hey, what do you expect? Point is you feel lonely in expecting more. I'd like to say, to everyone in UK, that life can be a nice warmy thing. I say to the nation: wake up your senses, there's a whole aesthetic dimension of being you're just missing. But under the ears of god i say, that's the one i'm alive for.

Thanks to the sun, to the people driving fast and awake, to the people walking slowly and even changing direction (!), looking at each other, to the people thinking unfairly about the government, debating politics in their mind, while checking out girls through new sunglasses, thanks to women thinking about men, not shy of erotism, thanks to men and women reading literature, thanks to men and women MAKING LITERATURE WITH THEIR LIFE AND DREAMS, thanks to men and women reading newspapers, thanks to men and women MAKING THE NEWS WITH TEIR LIVES AND DREAMS, thanks to people with a strong sens of life, with a deep development of the self and of their senses, thanks to people that fuel their thoughts with senses, 'cause thoughts are empty when not full of your own life, thanks to people living, love them, love them, love them, they make me awake, here, ready, living, and fuck all the CCTV, rising a middle finger running away on a scooer. viva l'italia, plenty of problems, but alive.


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